Whether it’s a stand-alone warehousing service or in combination with other services to meet business needs, S K I Global Shipping provides a complete one-stop shop, integrated logistics solution. Our dedicated team of experts strives to deliver the promised services successfully till the last mile delivery.

S K I Global Shipping has long term partnership with 3PL companies with proven track record to meet your business goals

The scope of our service is commonly classified in the area of the inventory management, warehousing, transportation, and logistics. Our expert helps our clients understand their current issues and recommend cost-effective warehousing services,through various pricing models that meet or exceed industry benchmarked customer service levels.

Our storage facilities and working relationships throughout UAE enable us to offer the highest standards of dry secure warehousing space, distribution, packing and devanning facilities at a competitive price. We offer long and short-term flexible contracts, great customer service and stock control.


Bonded Warehousing

A Bonded warehouse is a warehouse in which goods on which the duties are unpaid are stored under bond and in the joint custody of the importer, or his agent and Customs officers. A variety of business can benefit from using a bonded warehousing. Most companies do not sell their goods within four weeks of receiving stock yet Duty has to be paid up front. The upfront duty payment can be legally deferred till such time the stock is in joint custody of customs. Goods that are in bonded warehousing avoids advance Duty Payment on goods, which may not have been sold yet and may reside in storage facilitates for months.

Our offering of Customs Bonded Warehousing facilities provides an ideal opportunity to our clients who trade with neighboring countries and who wish to move the cargo as “in-transit”.

Customs Clearnce

The custom rules and process can be tedious and time consuming if not handled by an expert. More over the custom duty rates & entry process differ from country to country. Due to constant changes in custom & security regulations, international trade has become ever more challenging over the years.

SKI custom clearance consultancy division has its team of experts with their sole purpose to simplify and ease cross border trade. We pre-empt scenarios and take proactive measures to avoid delay in clearance process.

Our excellent rapport with our partners and in-house custom professional and clearance experts puts your business goals first based on prevailing rules and regulations which allows us to remain a step ahead with minimum lag time.

Clearance Service Include:

  • Air Freight Clearance
  • Sea Freight Clearance
  • Land Clearance
  • Temporary Import & Return
  • Direct Delivery
  • Fairs and Exhibitions
  • Time Critical and Sensitive Cargo

Service Benefit:

  • Ensure completion of necessary paper-work, prior freight arrival and departure and on need basis
  • Proactive measures to avoid any detention and demurrage which creates cost advantage over competition
  • Round the clock Customs Services provided at GCC ports

Project Logistics

Project Logistics is one of the key areas of our expertise. We assure safe delivery of entire project cargo on a turnkey basis from multiple vendors, suppliers and through multiple points of origin to the project destination. With our local handling capabilities, experience and our team of expert, SKI Shipping can handle diverse shipments that suits your business Needs. With excellent working relationship with the local government we are poised to handle complex logistic and warehousing solutions arising in today’s ever-changing dynamic world.

No matter what’s at stake — from mining, power generation, industrial plant component fabrication, to offshore energy exploration, production and distribution, we are here to ensure your services are met in time and with care.

Our Services include:

  • Assessment and Evaluation of Logistics Performance
  • Future Capability
  • Cost Structure & Client Profitability Reviews
  • Assessment of Outsourcing versus ‘In House’ solutions
  • Inventory Strategy, Forecasting & Planning
  • Project Management of New Contract Implementations